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Systemic or topical therapy with antihistamines may produce hypersensitivity reactions, particularly of the skin, and cross-sensitivity to related drugs may occur. Photosensitivity has been reported. Blood disorders, including agranulocytosis, leucopenia, haemolytic anaemia, and thrombocytopenia, have been reported; these may have an immune basis.
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Diethylstilbestrol (DES), also known as stilbestrol or stilboestrol, is a nonsteroidal estrogen medication, which is rarely used. [5] [6] [7] In the past, it was widely used for a variety of indications, including pregnancy support for women with a history of recurrent miscarriage, hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms and estrogen deficiency in women, treatment of …
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二甲基亞碸(Dimethyl sulfoxide,簡稱DMSO),是分子式為(CH3)2SO的化學物質。其為一無色液體,並為重要的極性非質子溶劑。它可與許多有機溶劑及水互溶。二甲基亞碸具有極易滲透皮膚的特殊性質,造成使用人員感覺類似牡蠣般的味道。
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This drug does not treat HIV, and it can cause certain HIV medications to become ineffective. Get an HIV test before starting this medication, and get tested again anytime you may have become
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抗癲癇藥及抗驚厥藥 Antiepileptics and Anticonvulsants 2018/10/31 1 第一節 抗癲癇藥 Antiepileptics ? 癲癇概念:大腦局部病灶神經元興奮性過 高,產生異常高頻陣發性放電,并向周圍 擴布而引起的大腦功能失調綜合征。
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メスナ(Mesna)は有機硫黃化合物の一つであり,がん化學療法や造血幹細胞移植の前治療にシクロホスファミドやイホスファミドを使う際のアジュバント(補助薬)として用いられる。 商品名ウロミテキサン。mesnaという英語名は,2-mercaptoethane sulfonate Na(ナトリウム)の頭 …
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藥物的抗驚厥作用_醫藥衛生_專業資料 1953人閱讀|38次下載 藥物的抗驚厥作用_醫藥衛生_專業資料。Anticonvulsant Effects of Drugs XXX (China Pharmaceutical University,639 Longmian Avenue, Nanjing, J
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Cy5,(CAS:146368-11-8) Cy7.5 maleimide Cyanine7.5 maleimide is a thiol reactive near infrared dye. Cy7 (CAS 943298-08-6) 花氰染料cy7,常被應用于生物分子標記,熒光成像及其他熒光生物分析。
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如診斷(Diagnosis,DI),藥物治療(Drug Theray,DT),血液供給(Blood Supply,BS)等。 正確選擇副主題詞也很關鍵。 例如肺發育不全,輸入主題詞“肺”后,在副主題詞菜單中選擇“畸形”表示發育不全;再例如,雙子宮 ——用 子宮/畸形 檢索。
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standardizasyon parametreleri,herbal drugs standardisatiion

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